Where to Start

When I look at the garden I see a vast wasteland. Where should I start to get it under control? Realistically I can’t start anywhere at the moment because pretty much everything I need to do will cost, and we don’t have any money at the moment.

So what can I do to move things along? Well the first thing to do is to break the task into smaller sections. The obvious break is to separate the front garden from the back garden. Kerrie has decided that for a time being we can work on a basic front garden consisting of lawn. That is good as it gives me a target. I still can’t do anything because I need to get some organic material and turn it through the front yard. Then I can prepare for the lawn.

I was planning a temporary fencing of the patio area to allow the cat and dog out and not have them run away. We decided to get the patio concrete done at the same time as the driveway, so that fencing idea was no longer workable (no dirt for them). I have decided to move to a more permanent fencing solution, with a temporary garden shed. See the post in Starting Up for how the fence installation is going.

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