Fence Completed

So I got the fence finished. I will get some photos soon. Getting the rails up was relatively easy. I put a clamp on one post, approximately the height I wanted the rail, then with the one end of the rail resting on the clamp I set the other end by securing it with the saddle at the required height. Then I removed the clamp, set a magnetic level on the rail, got the level, checked the height and set that end with another saddle. I had the gate frame in position and ran the rails straight across it. Then I secured the saddles on the fence frame and cut the rail between the gate frame and the posts.

Putting up the fence sheets was a bit more difficult, because I was doing it on my own and the sheets can be cumbersome. I used clamps again to hold things in position. It took a bit of fiddling to get the sheet at the right height and sitting level. Once that was done it was just a matter of running the self drilling screw in through the sheet to the rail. The next sheet is clamped to the previous one and the height and level checked again before screwing the sheet on.

Running the fence around the corner can be done a number of ways. If you can finish the positioning of the sheets so that the edge is just past the corner post you should be able to set the next sheet (around the corner) so that the edges overlap. Another method is to bend the sheet around the corner. I am not sure that this could be done with any pattern other than corrugated. Bending the sheet around the corner is mostly a case of brute strength and gentle persuasion.

Originally I wanted the gate the open onto the sheeted side of the fence, but the gate I used was not designed for that. It could be swung open but the rails would get in the way and stop it opening more than about 45 degrees. I switched the latch around and it now opens the other way.

So the fence is completed and I have put a temporary fence across to the house to stop the animals wandering off.

We have started working on the front garden now, so I will start a new post to document that.

Starting a New Business

OK, so I am thinking about starting a new business in the landscape and gardening area. There are a lot of possibilities running round my head, so I need to create some priorities and see what I need to do once I have settled on the main bits.

  • Start off as a weekend business and build the brand and customers.
  • Focus on the earthmoving and digging tasks initially.
  • Want the equipment to be based on the Dingo mini digger.
  • Do I need a small truck or just use the ute.
  • Should I have a carrying capacity with a tipper tray.
  • Do I need to get a truck licence.
  • How big a loan do I need.
  • How big a loan can I service.
  • What sort of tax breaks are available.
  • Should I set up a company or run as a sole trader/partnership.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to capture all of the details required for financials.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to do the accounting.
  • Look into grants and low/no interest loans and see what may be available.
  • Write a business plan.
  • Talk to the bank about loans and how to structure it to safeguard existing assets (home).
  • See how competitive the business is in this area.
  • Monitor the Hickinbothams development approved for the area.

So a lot of things to consider and I probably haven’t covered the important things yet. I will start to detail what I do and what processes I need to follow and the red tape I encounter as I progress.

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post today to say Merry Christmas and hope for a wonderful new year to all. I have not had the time lately to do much in the garden. The fence is finished and the backyard is secure, much to the dogs disgust.

I have started setting out some lines in the backyard so I can determine some levels and where retaining walls will need to go.

That is all on hold for a few days while we all celebrate the season and the passing of another year. I will write up the completion of the fencing soon and also how I am doing the set out for the backyard in the next couple of days. Till then enjoy the break and don’t overdo the liquid Christmas cheer.

Where to Start

When I look at the garden I see a vast wasteland. Where should I start to get it under control? Realistically I can’t start anywhere at the moment because pretty much everything I need to do will cost, and we don’t have any money at the moment.

So what can I do to move things along? Well the first thing to do is to break the task into smaller sections. The obvious break is to separate the front garden from the back garden. Kerrie has decided that for a time being we can work on a basic front garden consisting of lawn. That is good as it gives me a target. I still can’t do anything because I need to get some organic material and turn it through the front yard. Then I can prepare for the lawn.

I was planning a temporary fencing of the patio area to allow the cat and dog out and not have them run away. We decided to get the patio concrete done at the same time as the driveway, so that fencing idea was no longer workable (no dirt for them). I have decided to move to a more permanent fencing solution, with a temporary garden shed. See the post in Starting Up for how the fence installation is going.