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Starting a New Business

OK, so I am thinking about starting a new business in the landscape and gardening area. There are a lot of possibilities running round my head, so I need to create some priorities and see what I need to do once I have settled on the main bits.

  • Start off as a weekend business and build the brand and customers.
  • Focus on the earthmoving and digging tasks initially.
  • Want the equipment to be based on the Dingo mini digger.
  • Do I need a small truck or just use the ute.
  • Should I have a carrying capacity with a tipper tray.
  • Do I need to get a truck licence.
  • How big a loan do I need.
  • How big a loan can I service.
  • What sort of tax breaks are available.
  • Should I set up a company or run as a sole trader/partnership.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to capture all of the details required for financials.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to do the accounting.
  • Look into grants and low/no interest loans and see what may be available.
  • Write a business plan.
  • Talk to the bank about loans and how to structure it to safeguard existing assets (home).
  • See how competitive the business is in this area.
  • Monitor the Hickinbothams development approved for the area.

So a lot of things to consider and I probably haven’t covered the important things yet. I will start to detail what I do and what processes I need to follow and the red tape I encounter as I progress.