A discussion on creating something from nothing

Initially a discussion on creating a garden but also, later building a boat and possibly a business

I am not trying to be an expert on creating things. I want to try some new things and document what I am doing and the problems and successes that I have along the way.

I started my life as an aircraft mechanic in the Royal Australian Navy and became a Business Analyst after I left the Navy.

I have bought 2 established houses in the past and done things in the gardens but never started from scratch. I am now in a brand new house with a wasteland for a garden. My partner Kerrie will help out where she can and will certainly be directing the design.

I have previously built a kayak and a canoe, but want to build a small power boat we can use for fishing.

I have never started a business and may never get to do it, but I am considering it and will document the process of progressing from there.

I hope you enjoy the discussions and feel free to comment on what is going on.

Thank You

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A conversation about developing a new garden